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podium graphicAs a research scholar, writer and consultant, Kit's an active contributor to dialogs on consumer trends, Millennials, behavioral economics and the psychology of shopping. This page features a sample of her recent blogs, articles and media mentions.

Kit in the News

Consumer Trends for 2018

2018 Farmer's Almanac

Toymarker Opens Up About the Season's Hot New Toy

CBS Sunday Morning | 12/17/17

Shopping Becomes a Hybrid Experience

Christian Science Monitor | 11/24/17

Each Year Stores Opening Sooner

KJZZ/NPR | 11/22/17

Is Christmas Marketing Peaking Too Early?

The Drum | 11/20/17

The Agony and Ecstasy of On-Demand Eating

Magenta | 10/26/17

In the Wake of the Equifax Hack

Mashable | 10/9/17

The Consumer Connection

Eyecare Business | 10/1/17

Enjoyng the Store: Retailers Have to Reinvent at Home

WWD | 9/18/17

How to Be a More Conscious Consumer

US News & World Report | 9/18/17

Overcoming My Fear of Returns

Slate | 9/18/2017

Givers Really Are Happier Than Takers

Medical Press | 8/15/17

Selling Social Moments

CNBC | 8/11/17

More Than Half of Prospective College Studens Worry They'll Never Graduate

CNBC | 8/4/17

A Psychologist Explains Why You Still Haven't Gotten Your Dad a Father's Day Gift

Money | 6/13/17

How To Complain and Get Results

New York Times | 6/15/17

Consumer Complaints Spiked 325%

MarketWatch | 4/30/17

Why We Click

Men's Journal | 4/24/17

Saving Money Isn't In Our Genes

NBC News | 4/21/17

The Politically Subversive Power of Puppies

The Atlantic | 3/6/17

4 Sneaky Ways Ikea Tricks You Into Buying | 3/4/17

How "Choice" Became the Most Misleading Word in Politics

Time | 3/2/17

12 Million Americans Keep This Secret From Their Partners

NBC News | 2/11/17

Fashion Shows See-Now, Buy-Now Model

New York Times | 2/7/17

Why We Buy Clothes We Never Wear

Travel & Leisure | 2/1/17

How Five Below Became a Billion-Dollar Company

Philly Magazine | 1/14/17

Westfield Mall Jammed with Holiday Shoppers

ABC-7 | 12/23/16

Newsmaker of the Year: The Angry American

WWD | 12/14/16

OpEd Kit Yarrow: Black Friday

Los Angeles Times | 11/25/16

Black Friday Losing it's Unique Status

Guardian | 11/24/16

When is a Sale Not Really a Sale: Kit Yarrow

HerMoney #33 \ 11/23/16

Beauty Store Psychology

UK Independent | 11/17/16

The Science of Why We Fall for Scams

Money | 11/11/16

Halloween Trends

NPR | 10/28/16

Wanting it Now

WWD | 10/24/16

Reinventing Black Friday

MSP Magazine | 10/21/16

Why Samsung's Recall Seems So Confusing

CNBC | 10/17/16

This is Why Christmas Creep Makes Us Cringe

BBC Capital | 10/5/16

So You Just Got a Raise? Here's How to Handle Your Finances

NBC News | 10/4/16

Going Cold Turkey From Impulse Bargains

AARP Magazine | August/September 2016

Will Shoppers See the Inner Beauty of an Ugly Apple?

Forbes | 8/16/16

Online Shopping Has Created a Whole New Breed of Addicts

New York Post | 8/11/16

Getting High From Deal Hunting | 7/21/16

New Clothing Services Let you Fill Your Cart with No Commitment 

New York Post | 6/28/16

The Psychology Behind Sample Sales

New York Observer | 6/28/16

How Athleisure Killed the Stiletto

Elle | May 2016

Targets Inclusion/Bathroom Policy Might Find The Retailer Excluded by Customers

Seeking Alpha | 5/2/16

Chief Strategist: Why Intuitive Design is No Longer Enough

PSFK | 4/29/16

AMC Considers Allowing Texting During Movies to Attract Millennials

ABC-7 | 4/15/16

Amazon Wants to Change the Way You Buy Condoms and other "Embarrassing" Items

Forbes | 3/31/16

Subtle Ways to Personalize the Shopping Experience

MultiChannel Merchant | 3/30/16

Restoration Hardware - A Classier Way to Discount?

Marketplace/NPR | 3/29/16

Why Fashion's Pink Tax Means Women Pay More 

Business of Fashion | 3/23/16

Grabbing the Attention of the Bored Shopper

Bronto Blog | 3/18/16

Decoding the New Consumer

Bob Brinker's Money Talk | 3/13/16

Elections Inspire Marketers (and Vice Versa)

Ad Age | 3/9/16

How List Prices are Duping Customers into False Deals

Yahoo! | 3/9/16

Expo Vendors Peddle Recycled Fashion, Disposable Bedding

Houston Chronicle | 3/7/16

Why President's Day Should Actually Be Pretty Great This Year

Money | 2/12/16

How Millennials Are Shaking Up Valentine's Day Retail

Huffington Post | 2/12/16

Here's What Advertising Experts Think of the Super Bowl 50 Commercials

Mashable | 2/6/16

Industry's Biggest Show Reveals Why Retailers Need Group Therapy

Forbes | 1/31/16

Why a Blizzard Turns Us Into Cavemen at the Supermarket

Time | 1/21/16

Why Forever 21 is Selling $220 Dresses

Money | 1/12/16

Powerball Players Strategize, Socialize and Hope

Boston Globe | 1/8/16

Online Offerings Put Consumers in Charge this Holiday Season

Houston Chronicle | 12/30/15

Meet Wish, the $3 Billion App That Could Be the Next Walmart

Re/Code | 12/28/15

New Web Tool Promises Amazon Prices from Local Stores

NBC News 12/7/15

Influx of Online Shoppers Prompts New In-Store Experience Model

CBS News | 12/2/15

Black Friday Recap

NPR Airtalk | 11/30/15

Bay Area Companies Use Smartphones to Personalize Shopping in Stores

ABC-7 | 11/30/15

When Gifts Go Bad

Consumer Reports | 11/20/15

Shopping Secrets Retailers Don't Want You to Know

Real Simple | November 2015

The 6 Kinds of Black Friday Shoppers: Which One Are You

Fiscal Times | 11/20/15

How the Ultra Affluent Are Spending Their Money

WWD | 11/19/15

Four Reasons the Holiday Shopping Season Will Be Different

Money | 11/17/15

Stores Already Feeling that Black Friday Vibe

Houston Chronicle | 11/11/15

How Reselling is Changing Buying

Forbes | 11/8/15

Wal-Mart's Swat Team Stops Offensive Costumes

Bloomberg News | 10/31/15

Employers Offer Cash to Push Shopping Around for Health Care

Associated Press | 10/14/15

Holiday Shopping in Full Swing for 32 Million Americans

USA Today | 9/15/15

Luxury Retailers Used to Trash Their Unsold Clothes; Here's Why That Changed

Yahoo! Finance | 9/11/15

To Innovate is...Human

Realtor Magazine | September 2015


New York Times' Amazon Article Creates Interesting Work Culture Discussion

KPCC Take Two | 8/18/15

10 Things Millennials Buy More Often Than Anyone Else

Money | 7/31/15

Get Smart on Back-to-School Spending

USA Today | 7/27/15

Lawsuit Says TJ Maxx "Compare At" Prices are Deceptive 

CBS-5 | 7/22/15

8 Tips for Taking Advantage of Amazon Prime Day

US News & World Report | 7/15/15

Facing the Music as a Brand Strategest | 7/13/15

Five Brands that Bleed America's Red, White and Blue

Motley Fool | 7/4/15

Fatherhood has Changed, Father's Day Gift Giving Should Too

Time | 6/18/15

How to Splurge (on National Splurge Day!) Without Busting Your Budget

Money | 6/18/15

Consumer Psychologist Expert: Shared Passion Makes Warriors Fans Powerful

ABC-7 | 6/11/15

Worthwhile Splurges

Wells Fargo Lifescapes | 5/1/15

Coupons Might Wind Up Costing You Money

Associated Press | 4/28/15

This is Your Brain on Cool

Harvard Business Review | April 2015

The Science Behind Coolness

RYOT | 4/5/15

Seven Ways to Resist Impulse Purchases

MarketWatch | 3/27/15

How Apple is Using Psychology to Create Apple Watch Desire

Psychology Today | 3/16/15

How to Drop the Impulse to Shop

Vanguard | 3/13/15

Taxpayers Say the Plan to Spend Their Refunds Wisely

Marketplace/NPR | 3/12/15

A Sense of Purpose May Help Your Heart

US News & World Report | 3/6/15

How to Sell to the Generation that Has Grown Up with Touch Technology

Forbes | 2/17/15

Nationwide Ad Provokes: Little Else in Super Bowl Does

USA Today | 2/3/15

Panic Shopping! How a Blizzard Turns Us Into Irrational Hoarders

Time | 1/26/15

New 628 Area Code Approved for San Francisco

ABC-7 | 1/1/15

Rent the Runway Means You Can Always Wear Something New - But Should You Have To?

Washington Post | 12/28/14

Procrastinators Crowd Stores for Last Minute Holiday Gifts

Boston Globe | 12/26/14

Worst Gift Ever

Ronn Owens | 12/17/14

The One Percent Lead Holiday Retail

Marketplace on NPR | 12/15/14

Resource/Ammirati Sits Down with Kit Yarrow

You Tube | 12/10/14

Behind the Holiday Trend of Self-Gifting

Reuters | 12/8/14

How to Maximize Your Holiday Gift-Giving by Shopping Smart

KCBS | 12/8/14

Healthy Gifts: How to Say 'I Care' Not 'You are Fat'

USA Today | 12/7/14

Black Friday Deals Aren't Always So Special

NBC Nightly News | 11/28/14

Apps Stirring Holiday Bargain Insanity

Boston Globe | 11/29/14

Shopping Secrets Retailers Don't Want You to Know About

Real Simple | December 2014

Materialism? Black Friday Shopping May Be About the Opposite

Milwaukee Journal | 11/28/14

Why We Shop: The Neuropsychology of Consumption

Medscape Psychiatry | 11/24/14

Strong Holiday Sales Expected But Shoppers Looking for Big Bargains

ABC-7 News | 11/24/14

Put Down the Shiny Object! Most Have Made Impulse Buys

USA Today | 11/24/14

The Power of the Gateway Purchase

Fashionista | 11/24/14

11 Ways Retailers Get You to Bust Your Budget | 11/20/14

Why JetBlue Can Break Your Heart, But Comcast Never Will

Time | 11/20/14

More Retailers Offering Last Minute Christmas Delivery

USA Today | 11/14/14

Consumer Confidence High as Houstonians Enter the Holiday Season

Houston Chronicle | 11/13/14

Drop in Gas Prices

KTVU - Fox 2 | 10/27/14

Ask The Mompreneur: Boost Sales By Using the Psychology of Business

Charlotte Observer | 10/24/14

Retail's New Battleground: The I Want What I Want When I Want it Generation

Forbes | 10/20/14


Book Extract: Integrated Shopping

Business Standard | 9/21/14

Why Urban Outfitters Won't Stop Offending People

Time | 9/15/2014

Is that Sale Really a Sale

Fox 5 Atlanta | 9/10/14

On Lining Up for Apple's iPhone

San Jose Mercury News: Silicon Beat | 9/8/14

How Three Brands Learned to Talk to Americas Youth

Adweek | 9/8/14

How Waiting in Line for the iPhone 6 is Like Burning Man

Time | 9/6/14

Meet the New Family

JWT Intelligence | 9/3/14

What Your Junk Drawer Reveals About You

NPR | 8/15/14 

I Want What I Want When I Want It (Book Exerpt)

re/code | 8/5/14

OK Cupid, Facebook Not Only Companies That Study Consumers

Associated Press | 7/30/14 

Diners Say Arrivederci to SF's Popular Villa Romana

CBS-5 | 7/19/14

Here's Why You Ordered that Premium Cocktail | 7/18/14

Comcast Embarrased by Customer Service Rep

ABC-7 | 7/15/14

Hey Impluse Spenders, Here's a Solution to Your Bad Habit

Money | 7/14/14

Debt Addiction: Red is Not the New Black

CNBC | 7/7/14

For Ford's Bronco, O.J. Simpson Case May Have Helped Sales

USA Today | 6/17/14

Why Restoration Hardware Sends 15 Pound Catalogs

Marketplace | 6/6/14

Ebay Customer Data Compromised

WWD | 5/22/14

Kit Yarrow Q & A: Decoding the New Consumer Mind

Yahoo Finance | 5/20/14

Retirement: 7 Shopping Tips to Save You Money

USA Today | 4/26/14

Cutting the Confusion Over Reward Program Tiers

CNBC | 4/24/14

High School's Big Night Out: Are We Spending Too Much on Prom?

AirTalk NPR | 4/14/14

Consumer Confidence Hits Highest Level Since 2008

USA Today | 3/25/14

How to Get Fit on the Cheap

FOXBusiness | 3/25/14

The New Shopper Brain

JGA Retail Focus | Vol 3 - 2014

Five Financial Cleanses to Break Bad Money Habits

FOXBusiness | 2/25/14

Health Insurance Ads Target Women

USA Today | 2/4/14

Popular Oakland-Based Blue Bottle Coffee Gets Financial Jolt

CBS - 5 | 2/2/14

A 'Weird Wednesday' Christmas

Marketplace on NPR | 12/25/13

SF Woman Files Suit Over Target Security Breach

KTVU - FOX 2 | 12/23/13

Christmas Shopping Wars

Nightline | 12/16/13

Bay Area Malls, Shops, Nearly Empty

ABC7 | 12/16/13

Here's How to Give the Perfect Gift this Holiday

TIME | 12/14/13

Workers Win All-They-Can Grab Shopping Sprees

Wall Street Journal | 12/10/13

The Worst Christmas Gifts of All Time

TIME | 12/10/13

Why is Christmas Creep Starting Earlier Than Ever?

KPCC AirTalk NPR | 10/29/13

If Betty Crocker Can Feature Gay People, Why Can't Barilla? 

Advertising Age | 9/27/13

Food Shoppers Guide to Buying in Bulk

Fox Business | 9/27/13

Shoppers Face End of Generous Return Policies

TIME | 9/19/13

Dunkin Donuts Ready to Make Some Dough

Houston Chronicle | 9/8/13

LG End-Of-The-World Video Prank Mean But Effective

USA Today | 9/6/13

Tooth Fairy Inflation

Associated Press | 8/31/13

Why So Many Gen Y Men Live With Their Parents

MSN | 8/7/13

Singular Behavior

Financial Times | 8/5/13

Retail Therapy May Reduce Loneliness, But Only Among Those Who Love to Shop

Medical Daily | 8/4/13

What Would a $15 Minimum Wage Mean to the Economy

Chicago Tribune | 8/2/13

Retail Therapy Might Not Be So Bad After All

US News & World Report 8/2/13

Does Men's Wearhouse Need a New Young Face?

USA Today | 6/19/13


Eating Healthy on a Budget

Fox Business | 6/11/13

Why Shopping Can Be Good for Your Health

U.S. News & World Report | 5/21/13

How "Skinny" Became the Hottest Phrase in Marketing

Advertising Age | 5/21/13

Invitations to Prom Become Stunts

Washington Examiner 5/4/13

Emotional Highs From Cheap Thrills

The Spectator | 5/4/13

JCPenney Smacks Into Shoppers' Psyches

Consumer Reports' ShopSmart | 4/4/13

Your Biggest Tax Worries

Main Street | 4/1/13

3 Quirky Ways Smartphones Are Changing How We Shop

TIME | 3/29/13

Tax Season Math: Debt + Refund = Mistake

US News | 3/22/13

To Disney or Not to Disney

CNN | 3/22/13

Secondary Sources

Wall Street Journal | 3/18/13

10 Things the Oscars Won't Say

MarketWatch | 2/22/13

Romance Scams Bloom Around Valentine's Day

USA Today | 2/13/13

Roses Get Supersized for Valentine's Day

USA Today | 2/11/13

An Innovative Way to Face Retirement

U.S. News | 1/15/13

Products Men Are Too Ashamed to Buy at the Store

Marketwatch | 1/12/13

Artificial Christmas Tree Sales On The Grow

USA Today | 11/29/12

Avoid These 5 Holiday Spending Mistakes

Yahoo! Finance | 11/28/12

This is Your Brain on Black Friday Shopping

Time Magazine | 11/23/12

Turkey Takes a Back Seat to Bargains

Washington Post | 11/23/12

Trying for a More Upscale, Relaxed Black Friday

Wall Street Journal | 11/14/12

Shopper's High

New York Times | 11/11/12

Confident Consumer: Find Deals Before Black Friday

USA Today | 11/8/12

The Tween Machine

Ad Age | 6/24/12

Billionaires Behind Pom Wonderful Push Back Against FTC Ruling

Los Angeles Times | 6/20/12

Career Coaches Profit off of Struggling Millennials

The Fiscal Times | 6/19/12

Curing the Urge to Shop

Good Morning America | 6/3/12

Enter the Maze: Ikea, Costco, Other Retailers Know How to Get You to Buy More

National Post | 6/1/12

U.S. Apparel, Footwear Spending on Decline

Women's Wear Daily | 5/29/12

Special Report: Developers Making Programs to Draw Info From Social Media Posts

KTVU | 5/16/12

Most Influential Bay Area Women 2012 Honorees

San Francisco Business Times | 4/27/12

How to Guard Yourself From Flash Sales

US News & World Report | 4/24/12

Thanks, Mom! Surveys Show Parents Spending Huge Amounts on Prom

Globe and Mail | 4/24/12

Thanks, Mom! Surveys Show Parents Spending Huge Amounts on Prom

Globe and Mail | 4/24/12

Car Buyers Reacting Different to Gas Price Hike This Time

Houston Chronicle | 4/5/12

Spend Happier: What to Spend Your Money On

Redbook Magazine | April 2012

Be a Quitter: How to Break Your Worst Habits

Ladies Home Journal | April 2012

Maybe Shoppers Don't Want "Fair and Square" Prices After All

Time Magazine | 3/29/12

Is Your Social Media Marketing Campaign a Turn Off?

Inc. | 2/28/12

Gross Ads Disgust Consumers Into Action

USA Today | 2/27/12

Retailers Battle for New Moms' Money

MSN Money | 2/27/12

The Indie Woman

Adweek | 2/26/12

Walmart holds "Idol"- Style Contest for Small Businesses

USA Today | 1/23/12

Surge in Holiday Gun Sales

KTVU 2 | 12/28/11

Consumer Confidence Index Surges in December

ABC 7 | 12/27/11

Mega Monday Adding Sizzle for Retailers

CBS, The Early Show | 12/26/11

Retailers Court Post-Christmas Shoppers with "Mega Monday" Deals

Fox News | 12/26/11

Holiday Sales and Shopping

CBS Evening News | 12/24/11

Holiday Shopping Tips

KCBS | 12/24/11

More People Using SmartPhones to Shop

ABC 7 | 12/24/11

Classic Gifts Keep Their Place Among High Tech Gadgets

Houston Chronicle | 12/22/11

The Gimmie Guide

New York Times | 12/1/11

What Kind of Shopper Are You?

USA Today | 11/27/11

Mad Shopping: Consumer Psychologist Kit Yarrow Advises

Sacramento Bee | 11/21/11

Inventor's Hit Holiday Toy

KGO-TV | 11/21/11

A Defense for Thanksgiving

Washington Post | 11/20/11

A Bleak Forecast for Black Friday

Wall St Journal | 11/02/11

Redbox Raises Prices on DVD's

Marketplace | 10/31/11

Cellphone NFC Chips

Yahoo Finance | 10/31/11

Sense Discounted: Grabbing a Deal

Chicago Tribune | 10/30/11

Halloween is a Real Treat for Retailers

Houston Chronicle | 10/27/11

Marketing to Millennials

AllBusiness | 10/26/11

Holiday Forecasters Have Their Work Cut Out For Them

Chicago Tribune | 10/4/11

Will Bank of America Customers Defect?

The Street | 10/4/11

Fears of a Double Dip Recession

KTUV - Fox 2 | 10/3/11

IPhone 5 Release: Why Do People Care So Much?

International Business Times | 9/29/11

U.S. Retailers Face Generational Shift

Women's Wear Daily | 9/21/11

Netflix Prices Up, Stocks Down

KTVU | 9/16/11

Back to School a Test for Teen Retailers

CBS News | 9/7/11

Economic Uncertainty Feels Like The New Normal | 8/9/11

J.C. Penny's Girls' Clothing Still Offends

SmartMoney | 9/7/11

Stock Market Volitility and Consumer Confidence

KTVU 2 | 8/3/11

Captain Planet - The Movie?

Marketplace, NPR | 7/21/11

Retailers on a Roll

Houston Chronicle | 7/15/11

Daily Deal Dangers

CBS 5 | 7/14/11

High Tech Bargain Hunting

KTVU - Fox 2 | 6/29/11

Engaging Gen Y

Rapaport | 6/1/2011

Hello LivingSocial

CBS News | 5/23/11

Gas Price Ire

Chicago Tribune | 5/4/11

Ways Your Money Habits Make You Sick

CBS News | 4/1/11

Tweens and Make-up

Atlanta Journal/Constitution | 2/18/11

Could You Survive Without a Credit Card?

John Tesh Radio | 2/16/11

Border’s Bankruptcy

KCBS | 2/14/11

Managing Generation Y

Ronn Owens | 2/10/11

Budget Valentine

Wall Street Journal SmartMoney | 1/29/11

How Your Last Name Affects Shopping

MSN Today Show | 1/26/11

Tiffany Blue, The Color of Money

The Street | 1/19/11

Q&A With Kit Yarrow Consumer Psychologist

JWT Intelligence | 1/5/11

Return Failures

Boston Globe | 1/1/11

Christmas Cards Declining

Associated Press | 12/10/10

How Amazon Snags You

Time | 12/1/10

Amazon Prime

Businessweek | 11/24/10

Sales Pitches You Can’t Resist

Wall Street Journal | 11/14/10

Chic Trashcans Wear Black

Marketplace on NPR | 11/4/10

Want to Eat Better? Rearrange Your Fridge | 10/28/10

5-Step Program for Shopaholics

Fox Business | 10/1/10

Kit Yarrow Connect with Generation Y

Marketing Sherpa | 9/16/10

Kit Yarrow Gen Y Traits Come Honestly

MarketPost | 8/6/10

Haul Videos

Good Morning America | 7/14/10

Real Estate Indecision is on the Rise

New York Times | 6/9/10

Masculinity in a Spray Can

New York Times | 1/31/10

Personal Branding Interview with Kit Yarrow

Personal Branding | 9/7/09

Five Tips to Recession Proof Your Relationship

ABC News | 2/15/09

Influencer Subculture: the Kim Kardashian Lookalikes

LA Times, WWD | 1/12/18

6 Notoriously Bad Habits and How To Break Them

Prevention | January 2018

Kit Yarrow is Unlocking Consumer Shopping Behavior

American Psychological Assn | October 2017

Money May Not Buy Happiness, But...

US News & World Report | 12/18/17

Why You're Never Really Happy With the Things You Buy Anymore

Popular Science | 11/27/17

Keep Tax Refund Plans Out of Holiday Budget

CNBC | 11/26/17

The Psychology Behind Black Friday Crowds

Money | 11/24/17

Why Do We Go Black Friday Shopping?

Healthline | 11/20/17

A Psychologist Explains Why Those Facebook Product Ads Are So Darn Compelling

Popular Science | 11/10/17

The Psychology of Pricing with Kit Yarrow

The Buyer's Mind with Jeff Shore | 9/16/17

Move Over Pumpking Spice Latte: Safeway Offering Eggnog in September

Canadian Broadcasting Company | 9/16/17

Amazon Doesn't Always Have The Best Prices

Mashable 7/31/18

The iPhone at 10: Growing Business, Changing Habits

WWD | 6/29/17

8 Sneaky Ways Starbucks Convinces You to Spend More

Business Insider | 6/28/17

Are You Cut Out to Work From Home?

Associated Press | 6/22/17

Hard Sell, Soft Sell, Smart Sell: How to Tell What's Right for Your Brand

AdAge | 5/15/17

Why Do We Spend Less on Father's Day?

BBC News | 6/15/17

The Internet is Obsessed With Videos About Empty Beauty Products

Allure Magazine | 5/5/17

The Changing Consumer Mind

Bicycle Retailer | 4/21/17

Is the Lingerie Market on the Verge of Another Disruption?

Business of Fashion | 4/19/17

Does This "Millennial" Packaging Make You Want to Buy Shampoo?

Glamour Magazine | 4/18/17

Consumers are Angry: Understanding Internet Backlash

AdAge | 4/17/17

Dear Brands, Quit Trying to Be My Best Friend

Racked | 4/3/17

The Psychology of Sample Sales

Racked | 3/13/17

How to Get Better Customer Service and Skip the Rage

New York Times | 2/28/17

It's President's Day, Go Forth and Buy a Mattress

USA Today | 2/20/17

Pepsi Wants to Be a Movie Mogul

Advertising Age | 2/20/17

The Belonging Brief

Resource | 2/7/17

Delivery Robots Bring Odd Shift in Buying Behavior

NBC News | 1/30/17

Telltale Signs You've Made it

CNBC | 1/4/17

How to Be a Better Spender

Scientific American | 1/1/17

10% of Holiday Gifts End up Returned

Marketplace | 12/27/16

Why You Wait and Buy Lame Gifts

Time | 12/20/16


CNBC | 12/20/16

Black Friday

BBC World Service NewsHour | 11/25/16

Why Do So Many Beauty Stores Look and Feel the Same?

Racked | 11/16/16

'What Now?' For Fashion and President-elect Donald Trump

WWD | 11/10/16

Kit Yarrow on Shopping Smart

Ronn Owens, KGO | 11/10/16

Post-Election Retail

KTVU Morning Show | 11/10/16

Some Ex-Employees Sue Wells Fargo, Others May Get Their Jobs Back

CBS-5 | 11/3/16

The Truth About Christmas Creep

Salon | 10/29/16

Halloween Costume Trends for 2016

FOX | 10/21/16

BMW Films is Coming Back - But Does it Matter?

Advertising Age | 10/19/16

Macy's Now Opening Earlier This Year on Thanksgiving Day

ABC-7 | 10/18/16

Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Users Finding it Hard to Discard Recalled Phones

CBS-5 | 10/18/16

Why Free Shipping Isn't Always Free

NerdWallet | 9/30/16

Zume Pizza's Robots

San Francisco Chronicle | 9/29/16

The Science of How Marketers and Politicians Manipulte Us

Money Magazine | 9/29/16

Money Anxiety

KGO 810 Techonomics | 9/23/16

The New Definition of Comfort Food

Food Business News | 8/31/16

The Food Chain

BBC International | 8/27/16

Macy's Closing 100 Store Locations Next Year

CBS-5 | 8/11/16

Delta Airlines Delays

FOX-2 | 8/8/16

Ronn Owens' Show

KGO | 7/26/16

No Curbing Consumer's Enthusiasm for Quick Pickup

Philadelphia Business Magazine 7/1/16

New Grocery Services Bring the Checkout Line to You

Houston Chronicle | 6/29/16

The Psychology Behind Impulse Shopping

Hardware Retailing | 6/28/16

How Some Brick-and-Mortar Retailers Will Survive E-Commerce

Marketplace/NPR | 5/10/16

The Psychology of Now

WWD | May 2016

New Innovation Road Block

FinExtra | 5/8/16

Online Browsing is the New Impulse Buy

Racked | 5/5/16

Beepi Adds Online Option in Used Auto Market

Houston Chronicle | 4/17/16

How Marketers Can Win the Great Emoji Arms Race

Advertising Age | 4/7/16

Why the Cult Around Tesla is Eerily Similar to Apple's Fanboy Following

Time | 3/31/16

Managing Millennials

Tire Business | 3/28/16

High Fashion Comes to River Oaks

Houston Chronicle | 3/25/16

Love Stinks When it Comes to Saving Money

CNBC | 3/17/16

The Millennial Mom is Ready to Open Her Wallet

FoxBusiness | 3/17/16

You Want Me to Welcome Summer? It's Not Even Spring Yet

Boston Globe Magazine | 3/5/16

President's Day Sales May Struggle

Marketplace/NPR | 2/15/16

Consumer Behavior Expert Reveals the Psychology of the Return Policy

AirTalk/NPR |  1/27/16

Coke Could Lead the Way to More Product Focused Ads

Ad Age | 1/25/16

2016 Readers Choice

Consumer Goods Technology | 1/22/16

Why Your Powerball Loss Wasn't a Complete Waste of Money

Money | 1/14/16

Airlines Cruise to Profits as Fuel Costs Drop

Marketplace/NPR | 1/13/16

10 Ways to Get Better Customer Service Out of Even the Worst Companies

Time | 1/6/16

Yes, Retail Therapy Exists and it Calms the Mind

GN Media | 1/6/16

Chipotle's Next Marketing Move

CNBC | 12/23/15

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Why ‘Sorry’ Isn’t in Many CEOs’ Vocabularies

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Articles and Blogs



The Science of Why We Buy Clothes We Never Wear

Your closet is probably loaded with clothes with tags still on.

As a consumer psychologist and researcher I spend a lot of time peeking under people’s beds and in the dark recesses of their closets. In addition to dust bunnies, in more homes than not I find new, unworn clothing and accessories, usually with the price tags still attached.



Worst. Gift. Ever. The 6 Kinds of Gifts You Should Never Give

What messages are being sent by the gifts you pick?

As a consumer psychologist, I’ve gotten to speak to countless people about the worst gifts they’ve ever received, and their answers can be grouped into six categories.


The Huffington Post

How Technology is Changing What We Eat

Not so much because it's changed the way we cook, but because it's changed who we are, how we think and opened up a world of options.

If you're old enough to have watched The Jetson's, the first moon landing or Lost in Space you've always known that technology would impact what you ate for dinner. 


The Wall Street Journal

Even Shopping Pros Make Mistakes

Even the experts get tripped up by shopping mishaps: overbuying, procrastination, impulsive purchasing and falling prey to promotions

Shopping is full of "coulda, shoulda, woulda." As in, "I could have gotten it for less if I'd waited," "I should have bought it last week, now it's sold out," or "I would have bought a gift card if I'd known it would cost this much to mail it." It seems like people have to be retail experts to get through the holiday shopping season without regrets.                


Psychology Today

The New Shopper Brain Decoded

Three sociocultural shifts have changed the psychology of shoppers

When Julie left her once favorite clothing store empty-handed she said she felt agitated but didn’t know why. “I don’t know, nothing hit me. Maybe I’ve outgrown that store.” Julie is one of more than 100 consumers that I interviewed for my new book, Decoding the New Consumer Mind. I tagged along with her on a shopping trip, chatted with her about her life and interviewed her about how, when and why she shops and buys. What Julie doesn’t know (at least consciously) is that three things happened when she was shopping that contributed to her agitation. 

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