Keynote Speaker

podium graphic"Kit's talk at Pivot produced a flurry of tweets, blogs and discussion. She delivered fresh, meaningful research and actionable take-aways in a humorous and engaging manner. Kit's terrific: great content and a natural on stage."

—William Lohse, Founder, The Tomorrow Project/Pivot Conference

More Speaking Endorsements

"Our audience ranked your session as the best of the whole 2-day event! In fact, 60% of the delegates who completed the feedback survey voted your session as their favorite. You even had a write-up on the front page of the Toronto Star's business section today." 

-Lucy Saddleton, Event Producer, Shopper Marketing Forum

"Kit never fails to impress. Her insights, based on the latest scholarly research, are a must for anyone trying to understand consumer and shopper behavior - and they're delivered in an entertaining, timely and completely relevant manner. Her energizing and inspiring presentation style and industry-leading understanding of consumers provided our audience with real information they could take away and apply immediately. That's a feat few can master. It was an honour to work with Kit, one of North America's leading consumer marketing experts. It's not a question of whether we will again, but when."

-Jason Dubroy, VP Shopper Marketing, DDB

"As the keynote speaker of our Consumer Insight Summit, Kit took the audience on an intellectual and emotional journey. She helped us understand why our practices need to change, how we should do it, and most of all she inspired us to do it well.  Kit blends psychology, marketing and research together in completely fresh ways - she’s an impressive and inspiring speaker."

-Paivi Kauppinen, Business Director, TNS-Gallup Finland

"Kit is a dynamic, entertaining, and inspiring speaker, engaging the audience on so many different levels. She gets people thinking outside the box about the power of trust and meaningful brand interactions in a rapidly changing digital world. She brings insightful examples, powerful research, and an undeniable charisma to the stage. She's a tremendous asset to any speaking program!"

-Melanie Flanigan, Senior Marketing Director, Yodlee

"Thank you for your invaluable contribution to the Stanford Executive Briefings series! Your session was one that truly resonated en-point with our executive audience. The research you presented on Generation Y and the tips on how to manage/lead them, couldn't have been more timely for corporate leaders both in Silicon Valley and abroad."

--Cindy Williams, Director, Stanford Breakfast Briefings

"Besides delivering important, actionable data about Gen Y, Kit's bright, upbeat presentation style kept our group engaged and at the edge of their seats. Kit's keynote set the tone for a very successful conference."

-Jimmy West, Executive Director, Leading Jewelers Guild

"You scored a 4.879 out of 5 - can't do much better than that." Comments included, "informative and entertaining," "great wealth of knowledge," "very special speaker, gave me lots to think about," "she is warm, genuine and not boring!"

--William Rainey, Conference Chair, MACS 

"You were a top-rated speaker at our conference and that doesn't surprise me at all. Your fresh content and engaging presentation style captured both the hearts and minds of our conference attendees."

--Rachel McDonald, Senior Conference Producer, The Audience Measurement Event, IIR USA

"Kit Yarrow was a real hit at our convention. Her presentation was highly rated by our delegates. She provides an informative, unique perspective on consumer attitudes in an energetic and entertaining way. Working with her was a real joy."

-Debbie Belanger, Director of Communications, Canola Council of Canada

"Kit's work is tremendously valuable. Her fact-based research combined with a poignant, relevant presentation style gives any leader new tools to connect with top talent, deliver more value both internally and externally, and achieve results."

-Jennifer Povlitz, Regional Managing Director, Merrill Lynch

"Kit takes us from scholarly research to real-world examples with a sense of humor that helps us believe that the differences between generations are not insurmountable. Kit is brilliant in communicating on the Gen Y topic and her presentation at the college bookstore conference was huge success to a 'standing room only' audience.”

—Paula Haerr, CAMEX Gen Y Session Chair

"Thank you for a highly enjoyable and enlightening presentation. I've already received great feedback from the marketers."

--Annette Devita, VP, Coty Inc.

”Thank you Kit for coming to Cisco to share your insights. Your presentation was a big hit and feedback was extremely positive with attendees noting that it was both informative and entertaining.”

—Jeanette Gibson, Director, Global Social Media, Cisco

”Thank you again for your excellent and highly compelling program. It was a sold-out event and we sold out of your books afterward as well. Among the many compliments, one comment stood out in particular—you presented statistics and research findings but also clear insight into how to use those findings and actually apply them to your own business.

Both your rich content and uplifting presentation style flowed easily as you presented complex material in a thoroughly engaging manner that kept everyone on the edge of their seats — and wanting more when our time was up.

We'd be happy to have you back to the Club for another installment — and I personally got a great deal out of what you had to offer."

—Kevin O'Malley, Chairman, Business and Leadership Forum of the Commonwealth Club of California

"Your presentation was the second highest rated activity of our entire conference! We found your comparative examples to be both entertaining and educational and your presentation style very pleasing."

--Ken McKenzie, Vice President, NARMS International

"Kit's talk at the National Hardware Show was by far one of the most entertaining and enlightening presentations of the event. Her expert insights into how to reach and relate to consumers were tremendously relevant for the home improvement industry audience and her fun and approachable style was fantastic!"

--Doug Stephens, Session Chair, Founder and President, Retail Prophet

”We are incredibly thrilled to be working with you. Everyone was uniform in their praise of your value. Feedback included: 'It was an amazing day, unforgettable and inspiring. Wonderful insight on our personalities for both professional and personal life. Kit's insights into how one's psychology influences managerial skills and team dynamics were eye-opening.'”

—Stephan Kanlain, Chairperson, Fashion Institute of Technology

"Thank you, Kit, for the excellent keynote presentation. It was obviously well received by the attendees as I saw people furiously taking notes and a lot of heads shaking in agreement to the messages you were sharing. Well done!"

---Michelle Gaston, Director, Education and Events, The Association of Horticulture Professionals Annual Convention

"Everyone enjoyed your thought-provoking presentation. It was an exploration into consumer behavior and "technovation" delivered with humor and passion." Attendee Justin Purdy commented, "Kit's the best speaker I've seen at the WASSA Conference - and I've been going since the beginning. Very informative and relevant."

---Patrick Reilly, Conference Chair, WASSA Conference

"You were the top rated speaker of the entire conference — scoring a 4.78 out of 5.0, almost a perfect score — wow! I'm not surprised, you are a delight — your passion radiates and people are drawn to that."

— Amanda Powers, Senior Conference Producer, IIR Shopper Insights in Action

"Kit Yarrow is an awesome speaker. Our members enjoyed not only what she presented but the fun and comfortable atmosphere she created. Kit's easy to work with and armed with relevant information for our industries. I highly recommend Kit for anyone's conference or event."

--Joanna Hunt, Confence Organizer, Northwest College Bookstore Association Conference

”Your Gen Y talk was very informative and interesting. As expected, once again the evaluations were all very positive and everyone was appreciative of what you had to say. Let me know if you'd consider doing this again next year and thanks again for sharing your expertise with the Stanford community.”

—Mary Foston-English, Stanford University Faculty Staff Help Center

”Your presentation to our licensees and retailers was not only insightful but also illustrated practical examples that demonstrate how marketers of all sizes and in all industries can establish a connection with Gen Y. Many of us walked away with pages of notes and ideas. Within the athletics department we're already discussing and planning ways to implement in the coming year.”

—Renata Hays, Director of Licensing, The University of Oklahoma

"Awesome presentation with lots of great feedback. We really appreciate you directly connecting with the attendees."

---Shannon Park, Event Manager, SIMA-Surf Industry Manufacturers Assn.

”Everyone really enjoyed your Gen Y perspective on our Wharton/FIT Refocusing Retail Panel. They said it was so refreshing to get real psychological insights. Thank you, Kit.”

—Mary Manning, Manning Associates, Fashion Institute of Technology and Wharton Business School Refocusing Retail Panel

”Thank you for your excellent and thought provoking sessions. The Lowe's Expo was a huge success and you were a big part of that.”

—Katherine Hurst, Lowe's Professional Development

”Not only did you convey great information our industry really needed to hear, but your style and delivery were outstanding, very well received by our group.”

—Stan Pohmer, Cornell University Seeley Conference Chairman

”Thank you so much for presenting the psychology of Gen Y to our staff, sales and research teams. Everyone loved you!”

—Alana Tosti, Senior Marketing Manager, Teen Vogue

”The Vision Conference focuses on high-level business topics that appeal to general managers and business leaders (in the nonwoven-based consumer products arena). Kit was a fabulous addition to our conference - she is an outstanding speaker who captured the audience and gave the attendees exactly what we look for: important insights that are both relevant and actionable. We will definitely want her back!”

— Rob Johnson, INDA Vision Conference Chairman

”The Gen BuY presentation zeroed in on a topic of high interest to every business person today. It was filled with deep, actionable insights, many of them the audience had never heard before, so it was a great learning experience and very well received.”

— Joe Skorupa, Editor-in-Chief, RIS News - Cross-Channel Executive Summit

”Kit created for our media marketing department an in-depth analysis of young women that was presented to media planners in a seminar and also in workshops with key customers. Her insights on young women sent the audience back to their offices with new ideas and deeper understanding of the target groups' needs. Not to mention the fact that most of the audience was wiping their eyes remembering their own youth...”

— Susanna Brummer, Sanoma Magazines Finland

Speech Overviews

Gen Y Decoded: Insights and Tactics for Marketers

Gen Y, those born between 1980 and 2000, are today's most enthusiastic shoppers and by the end of this decade they'll have more spending power than Boomers. As the first generation to grow up with the Internet, they think, relate and buy differently than their elders. This is an empowered generation that's used to being seen and heard — and they expect you to know them too.

Attendees will acquire an essential understanding of how Generation Y is fundamentally different from other generations, what motivates them to buy and what they're looking for in their relationships with retailers and brands. Loaded with up-to-the-minute research, case examples and actionable psychological insights, this presentation will leave participants armed with six essential new strategies for marketing to Gen Y.

The NEW Secret Psychology of Consumers

Massive socio-cultural shifts have resulted in a radically redesigned consumer mind. What consumers want, how they shop and why they buy has changed forever. Shifts in the psychology of consumers — such as the brain altering effects of technology and increases in anxiety — have created challenges and opportunities for marketers. One thing hasn’t changed: the marketer with psychological insight develops more resonant, effective solutions and strategies.

Attendees will learn seven key shifts in the psychology of today’s consumers and five essential strategies to capitalize on these shifts. Peppered with case examples and up-to-the minute research, this eye-opening presentation will leave participants with the tools and insights they’ll need to understand and adapt to the minds, hearts and motivations of today’s dramatically different consumer.

The Psychologically Sophisticated Leader

Socio cultural changes have resulted in a workplace that's immeasurably more complex, emotional and challenging than ever before. Today's leaders face more employee anxiety; diminished trust; a more individualistic and less empathic workforce; and new thinking styles that have resulted from our use of technology. Great leaders have always been a little better at understanding people — today they need more, they need psychological sophistication.

This 3-5 hour workshop arms attendees with the skills of a clinical psychologist. Participants will acquire:

  • psychological communication tools — so that they not only get their say, they're also heard
  • the authentic leadership confidence that comes from understanding the actions of others
  • emotional resilience that results in proactive, not reactive leadership

Gen Y Decoded: Insights and Tactics for Managers, Leaders and Teachers

Today’s teens and twenty-somethings are truly a different animal. Socio-cultural factors, such as the self-esteem movement and their use of technology, have contributed to a generation that literally thinks differently than other generations. They relate to others differently too. New communication styles, motivational tools and different expectations are required.

Attendees will acquire a deep understanding of the psychology of Gen Y, and eight unexpected and immediately actionable strategies to bring out their best. Based on 12 focus groups, a 2,000 person survey and 100 interviews, this presentation incorporates anecdotes and insights that will inspire attendees to work with Gen Y in new, more effective ways.

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